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2018 > 09

I was very happy, proud and surprised when the Swedish radio P2 annonuced me as one of five nominees to the prestigious jazzkatten-award in the composer of the year-category this year! 

On the webpage, linked below, you can read about the other nominees and also vote on the composer that you like. 


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This years fireworks concert i Dalhalla was really exciting. I'm happy to be a part of the production team, besides my normal duties as arranger. The concert and the concept is really great. Moving from pop song with Magnus Carlsson and Titiyo - to new contemporary music, with composers such as Tobias Broström and Einojuhani Rautavaara. Everything masterly put together by conductor Jonas Nydesjö and played by DalaSinfoniettan. 
I really hope that the idee of combining music from different genres will happen more often in the orchestral world in the future.  Cause, IT REALLY WORKS! 

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