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Check the links below to see last weeks performance with Rigmor Gustafsson at SVT Go'kväll.



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Back again in Norrköping!
I've spent the day with SON - Norrköping Symphony Orchestra (w. conductor Hans Ek) recording some christmas music. I've written one chart for legendary swedish singer Tommy Körberg.
Album producer: Johan Liljedahl
Recording: Team Nilento

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I had the privilege to write two arrangement for the very important peace concert in Amsterdam yesterday with the Metropole Orkest (conducted by Jules Buckley). My first arrangement featured  Emmanuel Jal (South Sudan) and Abdel Gadir Salim (Sudan), and the second arrangement featured Sagol 59 (Israel) and SAZ (Palestine).


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I've spent the weekend in the fantastic Atlantis studio here in Stockholm, recording with Stockholm voices! The album will be released in februari 2015.
Great sound, great people and a lot of fun!


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I had a very nice evening last friday listening to the tribute concert of Tom Jobim at the Stockholm concert house. I had the privilege of writing one arrangement for Magnus Lindgren, Peter Asplund, Blue House Jazz All Stars and DalaSinfoniettan! A big thanks to the fantastic and hard swinging rhythm section including Paulo Braga, Nelson Faria, Calle Bagge, Jesper Bodilsen and Thiagu Gentil and the rest of the gang!

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The new album of Rigmor Gustafsson together with DalaSinfoniettan is released today!
I'm playing percussion on the record. I have also written one arrangement and I was music supervisor on the orchestra session.
Check it out!

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I've written some charts for DalaSinfoniettan (w. conductor Jonas Nydesjö), Louise Hoffsten and Tingsek to be played at this years firework concert in Dalhalla, Rättvik.
It's a great event at a fantastic location! Don't miss it!


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I've had two fantastic days recording and mixing some music for a comercial movie for the scandinavian market. Music composed and arranged by me. Soon to be seen on TV and on internet!

I'm so happy to have the best team that you can find for a project like this!
Great conductor Jonas Nydesjö, sound geniuses Lars Nilsson and Mikael Dahlvid from the Nilento Studio and on top of that SON - Norrköping Symphony Orchestra.
And of course the team att Masscreation!

Check them out:
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Då var den sista föreställningen av musikalen Cabaret spelad på Uppsala Stadsteater!
Det blev totalt 49 stycken!
Nu väntar ett antal nya, väldigt spännande projekt!
More info coming soon.....

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Welcome to my new web page!

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