It’s been a while (again) since I updated this page. 
Here’s some things that I’ve been busy doing these last 7 months. 

* Touring w. Nancy Harms in Sweden
* Touring w. Norrbotten Big Band & Örjan Fahlström
* Touring w. Peter Asplund Big Band, Vivian Buczek, Isabella Lundgren & Anna Jalkéus
* Touring w. Bohuslän Big Band & Rigmor Gustafsson
* Concert w. Blue House Jazz Orchestra, Hubert Laws & Kristin Amparo
* Arranging for The Royal Stockholm Philarmonic Orchestra, Samuel Ljungblahd & John Lundgren
* Arranging for Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Maia Hirasawa & Christer Björkman
* Arranging for the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Anders Berglund, Ellen Andersson & Sharon Dyall
* Arranging for Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Mikael Wiehe & Edda Magnasson
* Arranging for Gothenburg Wind Orchestra & Jan Lundgren Trio

Among other thing. :) 




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